2020: August 16

3 Conversations you might have

  1. Every relationship has its unresolvable (perpetual) issues that center on either fundamental differences in your personalities, or fundamental differences in your life style needs. What are some of your unresolvable problems?

  2. Do you like surprises? What does it depend on?

  3. What made you laugh or giggle as a kid?

2 Quotes to Inspire You

  1. “Never regret. If it was good, it’s wonderful. If it was bad, it was an experience.”

  2. “Worrying is like betting against yourself.”

1 Point to Ponder

  • If the issue can be solved with money, it is not a problem, it is an expense.

2020: August 9

3 Conversations you might have

  1. As a child, how did you and your family mark the end of the summer?

  2. What do you think others think of you? What gives you that impression? How does that impact you?

  3. Name 10 things you want in your life. Then categorize them into a. what you want to DO; b. what you want to HAVE; c. what you want to BE; d. what you want to GIVE/ contribute to the world.

2 Quotes to Inspire You

  1. “The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook.” - William James

  2. "Love me when I 'least deserve it' because that's when I most need it."

1 Point to Ponder

  • Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things.

2020: August 2

3 Conversations you might have

  1. 1. What could we do to simplify our lives? What could we subtract?

  2. What are some examples when your gut was right? When you followed your initial instinct? When you just knew you shouldn’t do something, yet you did it, and your initial instinct was correct?

  3. If you were being paid to visit a museum (ANY, in the whole world), where would you go? (There are museums for all sorts of interesting and zany areas of even remotely possible interest.)

2 Quotes to Inspire You

  1. "If a decision is reversible, the biggest risk is moving too slow. If a decision is irreversible, the biggest risk is moving too fast."- James Clear

  2. “Never let the opinions of others measure your self-worth.”

1 Point to Ponder

  • Listening is the greatest form of flattery.

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