“This whole shiduchim part of my life is so frustrating and stressful, I wish there was a manual of how to navigate through it.” “Indeed, what are the protocols; wouldn’t it be great if those were written and shared with all?”

Though it may be easier to have a clear set...

The shadchen never calls me or follows through with suggestions. How often can I call the shadchen without being a nudnik?

How much time might one take to do research?

What to do when you consistently get “it’s not shayach”?  There are several things that might be happening.

What to do when you receive a “it’s not shayach”?

How to tell the shadchan that you do not want to pursue the suggestion?  There are several things to consider.

If you have an idea for a shiduch, who should you approach first – the family or advocate of the young man or woman? It depends.  There are some points to consider.

Though it may be easier to have a clear set of guidelines, there really are no rules when it comes to shiduchim.

Withholding information from each other -is that privacy or secrecy.

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