Adai Ad is listening. There are all kinds of questions and challenges and opportunities that are arising from this crazy Corona time.

Adai Ad staff

The daily JOT (Just One Thing) marriage tips are shared every morning via Whatsapp. These are short and practical tips addressing all aspects of marriage and relationships. To be added to the list, text “subscribe Adai Ad” to 475-212-2049. 

Rabbi Shais Taub

Rabbi Taub continues the conversation about husband's role - especially in times of Corona.

Dr. Elka Pinson

Dr. Pinson will shares some insights about how to show support to a spouse (or other loved one) who has experienced Corona induced trauma. What might you say, what is generally not helpful, what type of further support is available?

Mrs. Devora Krasnianski

Insights and ideas for navigating the new Shiduch world (Corona style).

Corona & Married Couples

Adai Ad Staff

Resources including date night ideas, communication and more.

Dr. David Pelcovitz

Chizuk and insights for newlyweds (and everyone else) to survive and strengthen their marriage during the Corona chaotic and uncertain times.

Rabbi Shais Taub

Rabbi Taub addresses some issues unique to Corona - as applicable to role of husband.

Mrs. Devora Krasnianski, founder of Adai Ad.

Being engaged during the uncertainty of Corona can add an extra layer of questions and challenges. This talk addresses some of those concerns: your relationship, the feeling of unsettledness, what type of wedding will I have. And more.

Dr. Shana Frydman, PhD, LCSW

Quarantine can be challenging, but for those living with abusive partners, it presents a whole other level of difficulty.   Dr. Frydman shares some important points about safety plans, what you can do and should not do to help an abuse victim.

Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, MS, LCPC

Keeping your sanity and your marriage during the Corona chaos. Rabbi Slatkin share how to have important conversations with your spouse in a safe and respectful way, using the Imago dialog.

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Corona related JOT tips
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Mental Health Support

Neshamos (Crown Heights)

Gedaliah Society

(#2 for mental health)



Ohel Family Center

Jewish Board

Shalom Taskforce



MASK Referral


Worthwhile to read

Why Your Loved One May Not Give You the Support You Need During this Time by Dr. Chani Maybruch

How to Get the Personal Space You Crave by Dr. Chani Maybruch

Hope for the best. Be prepared for the worst:  A Psychologists Response to Covid-19 by Leonard Carr, M.A.

Hope for the best. Be prepared for the worst WORKSHEET by Leonard Carr, M.A.

Triggered in Quarantine
by Zalman Nelson, LMSW

Worthwhile to watch

Advice for Marital Stress

by Dr. David Pelcovitz from Amudim

Shelter in Place: Protection in Place
from Shalom Taskforce

Shelter in Place: Which place?
from Shalom Taskforce

Supporting Abuse victims
from Shalom Taskforce

Love, Stress, and Quarantine: Making The Most Out Of Marriage During Quarantine from Shalom Taskforce


Love and Harmony at Home During turbulent times with Rabbi Shimon Russell from Coach Menachem

 Chai Lifeline Covid Series

Ohel TheraZoom series

Coronavirus, Couples, and Coping with Lisa Twerski, LCSW from ChaiLifeline

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