FIRST POINTS: Women's course

Some of the topics that will be discussed ...

A marriage is successful by design. 

Your planning for it, your setting it up, your maintaining it.


What marriage really is.  

Why get married? What is really important for your marriage?


It is important to your marriage to know who you really are.

How to get to you know yourself, your values, your passions – and why is all that important?


Marry right; marry the right person for YOU.

How to know what type of person is right for you. And how to recognize that you found that.


Men and women are wired differently.

The better you understand those differences, the better the marriage.


What are roles and responsibilities of the husband and wife in each unique marriage partnership. 

And how to have conversations about this important issue while dating, and beyond.


The value of creating a marriage team.

And how to establish that – from the very beginning.


What are realistic expectations for your marriage.

And how to have such conversations before committing to marriage.


Strong foundations for successful marriage.

How to set up for a successful marriage from even before the first date, and all through the dating stage, and beyond.


What you should really know about him before committing to marriage.

And how to find that all out.


What you should share about yourself. 

and why, and how, and when.


Also covers ...
  • Communication.  Effective ways of asking questions and responding.​

  • Working together toward mutual goals.

  • All about truly listening.

  • Learning from each other, and with each other.

  • Proactively building and strengthening your relationship.


  • Creating an atmosphere of emotional safety.

  • Practical tools and tips for moving through the stages of a relationship -  from the dating process through commitment.



The course explores principles of setting up for a successful marriage – from even before the first date, through the shiduch process and up to commitment and beyond. The program appreciates that every person is unique and provides tools and insight that each person can use individually.


Parallel programs are presented for young men and young women separately, so that all young people will have the tools and understandings necessary for a successful marriage.


Invest in yourself; invest in your marriage.





2010 - present

2010 - present

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