These ebooks are a more in-depth exploration of different topics that are be applicable to marriage relationships.

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The daily JOT (Just One Thing) marriage tips are shared every morning via Whatsapp. These are short and practical tips addressing all aspects of marriage and relationships. To be added to the list, text “subscribe Adai Ad” to 475-212-2049. 

Shavuos is the culmination of 7 weeks of personal growth via the sefiros.  Here we present a summary of the sefiros from the lens of relationship, particularly of marriage.

True humility, ביטול , is the root virtue of all virtues.

Humility is not a set of skills that one can learn with practice. It is not something that others can try to convince one to start doing. It is not something that can be taught. It is a mindset, an attitude. It’s about seeing the world differently, it’s about seeing one’s role in this world through the lens of service to others and beyond oneself. 

Change your negative thoughts

A 10 page ebook full of insights and practical ideas to reframe your negative thoughts to more healthy thinking. 

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