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Until after the arrival of Mashiach, there is no person without a fault. Hence, just as one person has a fault, it is certain that so, too, the other has a fault. And just as one does not want to uncover and highlight one’s own fault, one should also not highlight and magnify another’s fault. This is how things should be between Jews in general; how much more so when the person under discussion is your husband and the father of your child.

My aim here is not to rebuke, but to make you aware that your situation is not as harsh as you perceive it to be, nor is it exceptional, as you imagine it to be. Each of you should overlook things, preferring to find ways of establishing domestic harmony. And once domestic harmony reigns, this is the vessel into which G‑d pours blessing, and success, and good health, and a livelihood, and blissful contentment from one’s children.


And G‑d will no doubt help you, so that everything will come about at the proper time, in a positive way, and successfully.

With blessings,

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