A gift from Adai Ad to the Newlyweds of Corona. 

So many of recently married couples and upcoming newlyweds are facing an unprecedented shanah rishona. So much is different from what they had expected. So much uncertainty, and dashed dreams and plans. The Newlyweds of Corona project by Adai Ad was initiated to provide them practical insights and inspirational chizuk for their unique situation. 

- Gottman's 4 Horsemen: Criticism, Defensiveness, Contempt and Stonewalling. And how to avoid these
- EFT principles: building your accessibility, responsiveness and engagement with your spouse.


Sharing and listen to each other's experiences

Using the opportunity to get closer and refine your relationship with yourself, your spouse and Hashem


Humor. Laugh at the absurdity of the situation

Respect each others' different perspectives

Open communication and support each other


Time together/ time apart

How to discuss intimacy differences


3 Cs - Communication, compromise, conflict resolution

How to talk about your different perspectives

Speak in 'feelings' language

Laugh together


Expect that the unexpected will happen

Loyalty no matter what comes up


Be curious rather than condemning

Difference between discussing and deciding


Bringing two individuals into a 'we'

When the fantasy inevitably does not happen quite that way


Growing opportunity of Covid to establish the marriage.

How to deal with Covid related stress together.


Spending time together

Understanding each other's 'family of origin'


Conflict management

3 stages of marriage


Turning this challenge into an opportunity

Going from being individuals into marriage relationship

Bringing yourself into the relationship.

Covering: for women 

Keep up with your friends

Do less of what you don't like

Do more of what you do like


The 'rules' we impose on ourselves

Dealing with 'boring'; enrich your own life


Transitioning into marriage

Open communication

Effective listening

Alone time

Flexibility and rolling with the punches
Making space for the other
Communicating in the Imago Dialog process
Really listening to your spouse

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