• Devora Krasnianski

Dating Etiquette: Your Words

from the Etiquette while Dating bonus book from Adai Ad First Point Course. Most of the booklet was compiled from ideas from girls who felt that based on their experiences, there are some things that guys ought to know…

This is by no means complete and indicative of everyone’s experiences. It is based on common courtesy of menchlichkeit and modern Western society that people living in America have come to expect.

The intent of the material in booklet is to bring some rules of etiquette to the fore. And once you are aware of what many women expect, you can decide for yourself what feels most comfortable to you.

There are two ways to mess up etiquette. One is to ignore it altogether. The other is to over-think it and overdo it, and thus make it weird and awkward. So keep that in mind as you read these guidelines; the most important thing to remember is simply to be natural and to use common sense! The key to successful good manners in general is to make it look effortless.

There is no script, there are no rules. Be yourself – what feels right for you.

Your words

  1. You are talking with a lady. Do not use the same casual words you might use amongst your friends.

  2. Most girls do not know gemara terms. And most don’t appreciate the gemara tune in everyday discussion.

  3. Do not curse or swear.

  4. Always be polite to everyone you come in contact with – parking attendant, doormen, wait staff.

  5. Do not try to impress with high vocabulary. Be comfortable with your words.

  6. Do not talk about sports. She most likely doesn’t care.

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