• Devora Krasnianski

Shalom Bayis Week – June 18-23, 2017

Onthe holiday of Shavuos, the yiden ‘married’ Hashem at Matan Torah. The whole month of Sivan is infused with this spirit of marriage and shalom bayis.  In that spirit, CHJCC and Adai Ad instituted a “Shalom Bayis Week”.

During this week, they will present a series of valuable discussions about shalom bayis via conference calls. There is a great lineup of important topics with top presenters to inspire you to deepen your marriage to the next level of connectedness and strength.  Or to help your friends and family enrich their marriage.

Devora Krasnianski of Adai Ad, organizer of this week and of the many conference calls and workshops in the recent past, shares,  “The timing of this Shalom Bayis Week – right before the summer –  works out really well. For some couples, their children will be away during the summer and they might be more relaxed, and have some time and head space to try out new tools.   Additionally, in the warm weather people are outside more and have the opportunity to talk to friends and neighbors, and can share ideas to enhance shalom bayis.”

This week’s schedule:

  1. Sunday. Rabbi Pinney & Rebetzin Helana Herman will present about “Turning Conflict into Connection”, including mindsets and tools to build stronger relationships.  Based on the Imago principles integrated with chasidus.

  1. Monday. Rabbi Mendel Lipskier from Sherman Oaks, California will talk to newly married men (and anyone else who wants to listen in) about the first years of marriage. He will be answeringquestions that newly married men have or didn’t even know to ask, and what young wives wish someone would tell their husbands.

  1. Wednesday.   Dr. Elka Jacobs-Pinson will share about “How children impactedby their parent’s marriage” What the child hears and sees in the home affects them for life- both positively and negatively.  She will discuss what parents should and should not do in their own marriage for the sake of their child’s mental health.

  1. Thursday. Rabbi Shais Taub will present “How to enhance a marriage singlehandedly, even without the help of the spouse.” In some marriages, this is the best possible way to improve the marriage.

All calls begin at 8:45 PM eastern PROMPT. Call in number is 641-552-9123 Access # 256965.   Questions can be sent in advance or during the call to [email protected] or anonymously using the form at www.adaiad.org/ask-anonymous-question.

This series, as well as many of the other recent calls and workshops provided by Crown heights Jewish Community Council and Adai Ad were made possible by a grant from the New York City Council Domestic Violence Initiative awarded by our Council Member Matthieu Eugene.

Check Adai Ad’s website for upcoming calls and events at http://www.adaiad.org/events or recordings of past events at www.adaiad.org/past-events.


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