December 01, 2017

Frequently asked questions about shiduchim.

November 23, 2017

A young lady writes a letter to her parents: I know you want to see me settled in a happy marriage, and that is why you are working so diligently for a shiduch for me.  I love you, I truly appreciate your intent, but the way you are going about it isn’t working for me. 

September 11, 2017

As you work through a list of qualities that you absolutely must have in a spouse, it is also important to state to yourself WHY that is so crucial to you for a successful marriage.

August 20, 2017

If you (or your friend) are not 'on the same page' as your parents regarding shiduchim, here are some ways you might discuss this  with your parents. Respect and appreciation for your parents are crucial for such conversations to be effective.

August 03, 2017

When meeting someone for shiduchim purposes, it is important to know what you ought to know about each other and the relationship before you commit to marriage and a life time together.  

June 26, 2017

​Narcissism: What is it? What is it like to be married to a narcissist? How to detect narcissistic tendencies during dating?

Recognizing Controlling Behaviors During Dating

Talk by David Kohn LCSW, CASAC and Rabbi Levi Garelik.  February 2013.  (Audio only)

Also, read the article (below).

Recognizing Controlling Behaviors while Dating

May 26, 2017

Generally, people are on their best behavior during dating. So it is especially important to really tune in and pay attention to the following questions during the dating. These are RED FLAGS of controlling tendencies.

A Different Kind of Date

June 07, 2017

Dating ideas. The idea is not only to have a nice time together, but to get to know each other from a different angle.

Dating Etiquette: Complimenting

How to compliment the other person. What to say.

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